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The Illustrated Guide to North American Buses

Featuring every bus manufacturer and distributor, and every bus model and bus type available to the North American marketplace, the Bus Guide is the industry’s consummate reference guide for those responsible for the procurement of new bus equipment. Complete with photos, vehicle specifications and features of the industry’s most popular models, fleet buyers are able to use this Guide to quickly and conveniently narrow their choices down to a ‘short list’ of models. As a matter of interest many industry people report that they tend to keep previous year editions on file as a handy reference to review original specs and equipment for used bus equipment.

The North American Bus Industry Source Directory

Industry people rely on the Source Directory to provide immediate access and contact information to the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers that provide the many thousands of products and services needed each year by North America’s bus fleets. Cross-indexed by company name and product category the Bus Source Directory has become the bus industry’s most convenient and preeminent reference for bus industry buyers.