The Bus Exchange offers a multi-faceted range of promotional & advertising opportunities in both print and digital forms to industry suppliers

Print Advertising

The Bus Guide and the Source Directory are acknowledged by bus industry people as the industry’s most referenced annual publications! For about the same price as a single ad placement in a monthly magazine, you will achieve full 12-months of industry coverage and visibility. And since these publications are referenced by buyers when searching out a needed product or service, ad response is extremely high – you get top-of-mind visibility at that very moment-in-time when a buyer is searching out a specific product or service you provide!

Digital Advertising Banners

Looking for something a little more creative? A wide selection of advertising banner positions is available, from main page to our focused and information-rich subpages. For a surprisingly low cost your company can achieve superior coverage and universal across-the-board industry visibility on one of the industry’s most popular sites!

Media Kits are available …

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